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Frequently Asked Questions

Residential FAQ

Q: Can all of my locks be keyed the same so I only have to have one key?

A: Yes, if the locks are compatible they can be "Keyed Alike". To determine if they are compatible, try to insert your key into your various locks. Any of the locks in which you can insert the key is compatible and can be "Keyed Alike". Modern lock products also allow for padlocks that can be keyed to your other household keys.

Q: I lost my keys; do I have to replace all of my locks?

A: No, you can have your existing locks "Rekeyed" at far less expense. One of the determining factors for "Rekeying" or "Replacing" would be the condition of your current locks.

Q: Keys are such a hassle and I keep misplacing them, is there an easier way to lock my doors?

A: Yes, electronic (pushbutton) locks are available for Residential as well as Commercial applications from a number of manufacturers. There are various "E-Lock" styles and functions covering a wide price range. You should consult with a Locksmith or other Security Professional who can best guide you through the available styles and functions which may best suit your particular needs.

Q: Once I locked myself out of the house and my neighbor assisted me by "Credit Carding" the door open. Can all door locks be opened this way?

A: No, if the lock has been selected and installed correctly the lock design deters "Credit Carding" attempts at defeating the lock. "Credit Carding" or "Shimming" the lock can only be performed on improperly installed Door Knob locks. Deadbolt locks by design, when properly selected and installed, are resistant to "Credit Carding".

Q: My door is hard to close and I have to pull really hard to open it, can a locksmith correct this?

A: Yes & No, if the cause of your door opening/closing trouble is due to minor misalignment or improperly set hardware then a locksmith should be able to correct the problem. Should the trouble be caused by door warping or door frame out-of-square then it would be best to consult with a carpenter. You should contact your local Locksmith or Security Consultant to determine the cause of the trouble.

Commercial FAQ

Q: I currently have to carry a number of keys because there are some locks I want my employees to have keys for and other locks that I want to keep private, is there a solution to my having to have so more keys?

A: Yes, if your locks are compatible they can be "Master Keyed", A "Master Key System" allows for each lock to have its own "Operating Key" while also providing for a "Master Key" which unlocks all individual locks keyed for that purpose. There are Pros & Cons to any "Master Key System", a Locksmith or Security Professional should be consulted to best determine a system design that would best address your particular situation.

Q: I like the idea of electronic pushbutton locks but am concerned about cost and any trouble I may have should the electric power go out. Is there a pushbutton lock solution that I would feel comfortable with?

A: Yes, modern mechanical pushbutton and electronic locks or "E-locks" come in a vast array of prices, styles and functions to match a number of Commercial as well as Residential applications. Mechanical pushbutton locks require no power while the majority of "E-Locks" are battery powered and not dependent upon outside electrical power. Both styles are stand-alone and absent of external hard-wires and are therefore transportable as your facility my change over time. Functions range from a simple single "Keypad" entry lock to a computer network managed multiple access point "Keypad/Prox Card" lock system. Price is obviously determined by your needs and budget constraints.

Q: My door has a door closer mechanism but the door still slams closed very hard or sometimes does not fully close at all. Do I have to replace the door closer?

A: No, not necessarily, a door closer has a number of adjustments that need to be set properly to adequately affect the opening and closing of the door. The actual purpose of a "Door Closer" is to control the opening and closing of the door to protect the door and frame from damage. A properly adjusted "Door Closer" will prevent the door from opening too far, closing too fast, and still allow for enough force to fully close without slamming into the frame. You should contact your local Locksmith or Security Consultant to make the proper adjustments.

Q: My front door is full glass panel with aluminum frame and a circular lock. My key is sticking and sometimes hard to remove. I have been thinking about replacing the lock but not exactly sure on how to remove the lock or where to buy a new one. Is replacing this lock something that I should attempt?

A: No, the lock and door materials are soft brass and aluminum which are both subject to cross-threading, professional removal and installation is recommended to avoid damage. The lock cylinder may only require adjustment and not replacement as out-swing doors are prone to being pulled-open by pulling on the key which adversely affects the lock cylinder.

Q: I issue door keys to only a few of my employees but I am still concern about them making copies without my consent. Can I prevent them from making copies if I stamp the keys with "Do Not Copy" or "Do Not Duplicate"?

A: No, not necessarily, some Big Box or local hardware stores delegate key cutting to entry level employees who do not pay attention to the request not to copy the key. An alternative to stamping your keys is to have a "Restricted" Key System. A "Restricted" Key blank is not available to Big Box or local hardware stores and only available through an authorized Locksmith.

Safe & Vault FAQ

Q: I am looking for a Gun Safe, with all of the different Gun Safes available, how do I know which safe is right for me?

A: All Safes to include Gun Safes come in a wide variety of styles with varying degrees of protection and a number of various options; it sounds confusing because it is. There are varying levels of Burglary and Fire protection as well as size and optional features available. No Safe should be considered as "one-size, fits-all" because selection is personal and dependent upon intended contents, perceived threat, location, frequency of access, and budget to name a few. You should consult with a trained Safe Technician or Security Consultant knowledgeable in security containers.

Q: I have forgotten the combination to my safe. If I contact a Locksmith to get into the safe will they destroy the safe?

A: No, not if they are trained as a Safe Technician. Properly training Safe Technicians have a number of options available to them to successfully open your safe without inflicting permanent damage. Should "Drilling" the safe be a last resort option, a properly trained Safe Technician should be able to repair the safe in such a manner as to fully restore the integrity and appearance of the safe.

Q: I am interested in the pushbutton safe locks. Can my current safe dial be replaced with one of the pushbutton safe locks?

A: Yes & No, many of the modern safes can be retrofitted with an "Electronic Safe Lock" but most of the vintage safes are of such a design as to not accept the newer locks. You should consult with your local Locksmith/Safe Technician as to the adaptability of your particular safe. The change-over to an "Electronic Safe Lock" is a relatively routine process but professional installation/adjustment is recommended.

Q: I like the idea of an "Electronic Safe Lock" but I am afraid of being locked-out because of a dead battery. Should I be concerned about losing battery power?


Q: When do I know that my safe needs to be serviced?

A: The best answer is; if you notice any difference in the operation or feel of the Safe Dial or opening/closing of the safe door it is highly recommended that you consult with a Locksmith/Safe Technician prior to closing the safe door. A Safe Service Call requiring adjustment, cleaning, or replacement of parts on an open safe container is much less expensive than one that requires a forced opening of a locked safe container.